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BAMA Perks – Fun new program for current Bergen Academy of Music students and parents!

Starting this month, BAMA will be offering ‘perks’ to our current parents and students.¬†We love giving back and thought this would be a great way to give away some awesome gifts to our loyal customers. The way it works is: once a newsletter has gone out advertising this months current perks, parents can call the following day, starting at 10am, to claim their prize. It’s on a first come, first serve basis of course and we hope to have a variety of perks to share as the months go on. If you’re a current parent and have a company who would be interested in contributing, please call our General Manager: Amy Villanueva at 201-940-2200. She would be happy to discuss the details with you and get your company featured in our next newsletter.

Here are some fun companies we’re working with: Manny’s Pizza, Mr. Cupcakes, Restaurant.com, HiLine Coffee and more!

Please feel free to contact the front desk with any questions regarding this fun new program.