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Pre-registration begins May 11th for BAMA students!

Spring has sprung and that means it is time for pre-registration for the upcoming fall semester. A lot of the information below is new to those who just started with BAMA, so please read carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at 201-940-2200 to discuss! We’re here to help you get the best schedule possible J.


What is pre-registration? Pre-registration is a week-long event in May, which allows you to put down a $150 deposit and reserve a lesson time for the fall 2015 semester. Pre-registration is not first-come, first served; so you do not need to rush in Monday, May 11th to register. Please register at your normal lesson day/time.


When is pre-registration? Monday, May 11th – Saturday, May 16th


Why should I pre-register? Unfortunately, we have found that families who do not participate in our pre-registration program often lose their lesson time spots and sometimes even their favorite teacher. It is very important for those who plan on continuing with us next year to pre-register during the designated week, especially since we are combining schools. Keep in mind that over 80% of our students pre-register every year – we would hate for you to lose your perfect after-school lesson time!


How do I pre-register? All you need to do is bring in your completed pre-registration form and a $150 deposit (per lesson spot) the week of May 11th.  Someone at the front desk will process you quickly and answer any additional questions you might have.


I’ve been here for 2 years…do I get any benefits? Yes, for those that have been with us for 2+ years we will no longer charge you registration fees.  If you have been here for 3+ years, in addition to no registration fees we would like to enter you into a raffle to win a $200 credit towards your


Does BAMA offer any sibling discounts? Yes, as usual we offer a 10% tuition discount for a 2nd sibling or 2nd instrument time slot. For a 3rd sibling or instrument we offer a 15% discount.


Does BAMA offer any full year discounts? Yes we do! If you pay in full for the 2015-2016 school year by June 20th you can receive 10% off your tuition. We accept check or credit card.


Still not convinced? How about winning an iPad mini? By pre-registering the week of May 11th, you are automatically entered into our general BAMA Raffle for an iPad mini. If you have been here for 3+ years we will be having a raffle for a $200 credit off your fall invoice. We will also be running daily raffles so don’t miss out on your chance to win some fun prizes!


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