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Ruth Kenote

Ruth Kenote is a professional singer/actress and vocal coach residing in busy New York! Coming from a family of professional musicians, she has been making music her entire life, and teaching Voice for over ten years. A student of both Houghton College and Australia’s Victorian College of the Arts, she holds a degree in Vocal Performance, with a foundation in both classical and contemporary techniques.


Ruth has an extraordinary passion for teaching and an extraordinary ear for sound. She incorporates aspects of a variety of disciplines into her teaching, based upon the unique needs of each student, and integrates specific principles and customized vocal exercises which minimize tension in the voice and body while building the desired muscle-memory.


Ruth’s knowledge and unique teaching style make her equally adept at working with singers who want a career in music or simply want to sing for pure enjoyment. She is dedicated to helping singers and actors of all levels achieve their goals by de-mystifying the act of singing; from basic technique-building to intricate vocal pedagogic methods. Whatever goals her students have set, big or small, Ruth’s fun, focused, and inspired approach helps them to achieve success.


Recent professional, regional, and local roles and credits include: