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Registration FAQs

What are the semester dates?

Fall 2023:  Sept 9 - Jan 27

Spring 2024:  Jan 29 - Jun 18

Summer 2024:  TBD (end of June through mid-August)

Can I have a Free Trial Session first?

Absolutely! Please fill out this Lesson Inquiry Form. We will contact you to set up a free 15 minute trial session. Please bear in mind that a trial is a chance for teacher and student to meet and assess whether they're a good fit for each other. It is in no way meant to replace an actual lesson. Students curious about a new instrument will get a brief opportunity to hear and experience the instrument to see if it's something they'd like to explore further. 

I definitely want to sign up. How do I register?

Submit a Registration Form. Please provide several options for "blocks" of time regarding your availability. After you submit your registration form, we will contact you to schedule your lesson and to send the tuition invoice for the semester. Payment of the invoice will secure your lesson spot. We accept cash, check or credit card.

If you are registering after the semester has already begun, we will prorate your tuition to reflect only the remaining number of lessons in the semester.

How is the tuition billed?

Tuition is billed for the full semester, and is due in full before the start of each semester. Enrollments after the start of a semester will have the tuition prorated based on the remaining lessons in the semester. There is a $40 annual registration fee. If you require payment assistance in the form of a payment installment plan (for a small additional fee), please contact us to discuss options. 

What are your Covid policies?

If you are showing any symptoms of illness, please remain at home. If you're unable to attend a lesson in person due to quarantine or just as a precaution, please notify us early so that we may conduct your lesson ONLINE at your regularly scheduled day/time. This will not require you to use one of your allotted makeup days, as you are maintaining your regular lesson time. Any cancelations, however, would fall under our normal cancelation/makeup policies.



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